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Atlantic HMS Individual Bluefin Quota (IBQ) Program; Resolving IBQ Quota Debt Online: New Functionality

May 18, 2016

NOAA Fisheries announces a new functionality in the IBQ System: resolution of quota debt.  IBQ Shareholders can now resolve quota debt accrued by their vessel by (a) transferring a sufficient amount of allocation into their vessel account and (b) resolving the quota debt transaction(s) in the IBQ system online. Atlantic pelagic longline (ATL) quota debt can be resolved using ATL allocation, Gulf of Mexico pelagic longline (GOM) allocation, or purse seine (PSG) allocation.  GOM quota debt can only be resolved using GOM allocation.  Please note that allocation must be in the vessel account to resolve the debt.  You may need to move allocation from your Shareholder account to your Vessel account in order to resolve your quota debt.  This new functionality should improve efficiency of the IBQ system by enabling shareholders to resolve quota debt without needing to contact IBQ Customer Service.  

An IBQ Shareholder can log into their shareholder account to resolve quota debt in their vessel account(s).  From the main menu, go to “Catches” then “Resolve Quota Debt MidYear.” You will see the below screen.


1.) In Step 1, click on the table row containing the vessel account with quota debt (BFTV1234 in this example).  Your selection will be highlighted in dark blue (see below), and should remain highlighted in dark blue when you move your mouse away from the table.  Once the vessel is selected, the corresponding information will appear in the tables called “Step 2” and “Table 1” (shown below), showing that vessel’s quota debt transaction(s) and the current allocation available in the vessel account.   

2.) In the “Step 2” table, select the catch transaction associated with the quota debt that you wish to resolve (BL111111112 in this example).  Once the catch is selected, it will be highlighted in dark blue, and the information will show up in Table 2 (see above). If there is sufficient allocation available (Quota Debt Pounds equal to Available Allocation) and that allocation is from the appropriate share category (ATL, GOM, or PSG), you will see OK under Sufficient Allocation (bottom right corner of Table 2).  Also, the Submit button will become available to click.

3.) In Step 3, click Submit. 

If you do not have sufficient allocation available in the vessel account, or the available allocation is not from the appropriate share category, you will see NOT OK under Sufficient Allocation and you will not be able to click on the Submit button (i.e., it will be grayed out, see below).  In the below example, the shareholder cannot resolve GOM quota debt using ATL allocation.


For assistance resolving quota debt or using the IBQ System, please see the IBQ System Troubleshooting Guide or contact IBQ Customer Service at 301-427-8591 or  Note: Screenshots contained in this notice are subject to change.

This notice is a courtesy to fishery participants to help keep you informed about the fishery. For further information, contact Thomas Warren or Brad McHale at 978-281-9260, Craig Cockrell or Carrie Soltanoff at 301-427-8503, or Jennifer Cudney at 727-824-5399


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