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What's Legal

Remember: A legal shark is not necessarily a mature shark

Shortfin mako sharks are slow growing, long-lived sharks, and removing immature individuals may have detrimental effects on the overall population level. Both male and female shortfin mako sharks reach sexual maturity at sizes much larger than the current recreational minimum size of 54 inches fork length. There is no size limit on shortfin mako sharks in the commercial fishery. 

Please keep in mind that both male and female shortfin mako sharks become mature at lengths greater than the recreational minimum size (54 inches fork length).

Mature Males: 73 inches FL; 153 pounds whole weight; 8 years old

Mature Females: 108 inches FL; 525 pounds whole weight; 18 years old

Currently, the North Atlantic stock is healthy according to the 2012 ICCAT stock assessment (click here for more stock assessment info). You can help maintain this healthy population by releasing live immature shortfin mako sharks and only keeping mature individuals who have already had the chance to reproduce.

Do your part to help the shortfin mako shark population by releasing immature sharks that are caught alive and are in good condition. To calculate shortfin mako shark length/weight conversions, please visit the Northeast Fishery Science Center website.