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Get the Release Mako Smartphone App

Get the Free Release Mako App and Report Your Shortfin Mako Releases from the Water

Keep the Shark Population Healthy with Your Smartphone

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With the Release Mako app you can now report your live releases of shortfin mako sharks from your Apple or Android mobile devices while still on the water.

The app uses a device's built-in GPS, when available, to fill in location coordinates on the shortfin mako live release data form. The catch and release reports submitted via email allow fishermen to put their mako on the Shortfin Mako Shark Live Release Interactive web map.

The submission form is easy to fill out and operates like the online submission form. Touching the latitude and longitude boxes (Android) or button (iPhone) provides an exact location when GPS is available. The app also includes information about shortfin mako stock status, fishing regulations, FAQs, and safe handling and release guidelines.

After submitting this live release information through the app, and putting their mako on the map, fishermen will be able to see how they are making a difference in the conservation of shortfin mako sharks and encourage others to do the same.

By releasing shortfin mako sharks that are unintentionally caught or are not mature yet, U.S. fishermen can help keep this population healthy and encourage others to do the same. Get the Release Mako app and help keep our oceans healthy.

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