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North Atlantic Shortfin Mako Shark Tagging Programs

Before attempting to tag a shortfin mako shark, please take a look at the NOAA Fisheries Cooperative Shark Tagging Program Brochure. The brochure contains information about the program, shark fishery regulations, and covers what you need to know to safely tag a shark.

Tags should be driven into the back near the first dorsal fin. The ideal location on large sharks is in the muscle at the very base of the first dorsal fin. It is very important that the capsule assumes a trailing position on the shark, so insert the dart at an angle toward the head of the fish, as shown in the picture above.

You can obtain tags by contacting the Apex Predators Program at the NOAA Fisheries Narragansett Laboratory. Once you tag and release a shortfin mako shark, submit the information to us and we'll include your release on our shorfin mako shark release web map.

Information regarding other tagging programs that involve Atlantic HMS is also available online.

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