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Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Landings Updates

See below for recent Atlantic bluefin tuna landings updates. For consistency purposes, the dates below refer to the date the notice was posted online, not the date of landings reported. For the date of landings reported, please see the notices themselves.

Below are official commercial Atlantic bluefin tuna landings information. For preliminary information on recent commercial landings of Atlantic bluefin tuna, visit the NOAA Fisheries Permit Shop.

For previous landings updates, please visit the Bluefin Tuna Landings Archive.

2016 Landings Updates

Commercial Landings of Bluefin Tuna as of February 29, 2016
2015 Bluefin Tuna Fishing Year Summary January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015
Commercial Landings of Bluefin Tuna as of January 31, 2016
Commercial Landings of Bluefin Tuna as of December 31, 2015