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Productivity and Susceptibility Analysis

The National Standard 1 guidelines advise fishery managers to consider the vulnerability of a fish stock to becoming overfished when developing annual catch limits. The National Standard 1 guidelines define the vulnerability of a stock based on two things:

NOAA Fisheries formed a working group to develop a methodology that could be applied broadly across many fisheries to determine the vulnerability of a stock. After examining a number of risk assessment methods, the working group chose the Productivity and Susceptibility Assessment (PSA) because it can be based on qualitative data, has a history of use in other fisheries, and is recommended by several organizations and work groups as a reasonable approach for determining risk.

This methodology scores the stock’s productivity and susceptibility to determine its overall vulnerability:

NOAA Fisheries produced a variety of guidance aimed at helping fishery managers better understand how to use and calculate the vulnerability of the stock when setting annual catch limits: