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Government Accountability Office (GAO) Reports

Between 2002-2005, the GAO completed a series of reports on Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) programs. These reports included recommendations for improving program management, protecting fishing communities, facilitating new entry into IFQ fisheries, and recovering costs. These recommendations are found in the following GAO reports.

  • GAO-03-159 Individual Fishing Quotas: Better Information Could Improve Program Management
  • GAO-04-277 Individual Fishing Quotas: Methods for Community Protection & New Entry Require Periodic Evaluation
  • GAO-05-241 Individual Fishing Quotas: Management Costs Varied and Were Not Recovered as Required

In 2006, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) examined the involvement of stakeholders in the development of limited access privilege programs (LAPPs) by regional fishery management councils. The GAO found council practices are consistent with laws related to stakeholder involvement but concluded that opportunities exist for improving the way councils include and inform stakeholders.

  • GAO-06-289 Fisheries Management: Core Principles and a Strategic Approach Would Enhance Stakeholder Participation in Developing Quota-Based Programs