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We appreciate your interest in helping shape the future of recreational fishing with NOAA.If you’re looking to get more involved, there are a number of ways to connect to the initiative including:

The information below will help you connect with NOAA's Recreational Fisheries Initiative.

National Team

Russell Dunn, National Policy Advisor on Recreational Fisheries
Phone: 727-551-5740

Danielle Rioux, Recreational Fisheries Policy Specialist
Phone: 301-427-8516

Regional Recreational Fisheries Information

Click on the map below to visit regional recreational fishing websites.

Recreational Fisheries Regional Map Alaska Regional Office Southeast Regional Office Pacific Islands Regional Office West Coast Regional Office West Coast Regional Office Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office West Coast Regional Office Southeast Regional Office Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office Atlantic Highly Migratory Species


Regional Recreational Fisheries Coordinators

Greater Atlantic (Maine-Virginia)

Southeast (North Carolina-Florida), Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean

Mark Grant
Phone: 978-281-9145
Kim Amendola
Phone: 727-551-5707

West Coast


Craig Heberer
Phone: 760-431-9440 x303
Chris Lunsford
Phone: 907-789-6008

Pacific Islands

David Itano
Phone: 808-944-2201

Atlantic Highly Migratory Species

North South
Brad McHale
Phone: 978-281-9260
Randy Blankinship
Phone: 727-824-5399

Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC)
Recreational Fisheries Working Group

MAFAC was established in 1971 to advise the Secretary of Commerce on living marine resource matters. In 2010, MAFAC created a Recreational Fisheries Working Group (Working Group) advises MAFAC issues of importance to the recreational fisheries community. Members have been selected to represent the diversity of national, regional, and sector perspectives. A solicitation for appointees takes place fall/winter each year, so keep checking back to see when we are accepting applications!

Learn more about Working Group membership and activities.