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National Fishing and Boating Week

This week we celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week and join with 11 million Americans who think wetting a line in saltwater is a great way to spend time.

Some of those 11 million anglers work at NOAA Fisheries. We asked them what they love most about fishing. Here’s what they said…

"I work to conserve the fish I love to catch."

Dave Bard
Silver Spring, Maryland
"My passion in life is fishing for wild salmon!"

David Bean
Fishery Biologist
Orono, Maine
"Fishing is fun and puts food on my family's table."

Randy Blankinship
Atlantic HMS Branch Chief
St. Petersburg, Florida
"I work to manage fish so the next generation can enjoy them."

Craig Cockrell
Fishery Biologist
Silver Spring, Maryland
"Great Habitat, Plenty of Fish, Great Fun!"

Gerry Davis
Assistant Regional Administrator for Habitat Conservation
Honolulu, Hawaii
"The opportunity for a good fish photo can cap a perfect day."

Steve Durkee
Fishery Biologist
Charleston, South Carolina
"I work for NOAA Fisheries so I can keep fishing."

Mark Grant
Policy Analyst
Gloucester, Massachusetts
"Like fly fishing for tarpon, my NOAA job requires perseverance and flexibility to protect and restore the marine environment."

Daniel Hahn, Ph.D
Regional Resource Coordinator
St. Petersburg, Florida
"Harvesting and preparing my own fish makes me appreciate my food and inspires me to live more sustainably to conserve our oceans."

Liana Heberer
Fishery Technician
La Jolla, California
“Fishing is fun and inspires my research, you never know what you’ll catch or discover."

John Hyde
Fishery Biologist
La Jolla, CA
“I work for NOAA so I can keep catching and eating fish forever.”

Kurt Kawamoto
Fishery Biologist
Honolulu, Hawaii
“My passion for fishing is why I chose to work for NOAA.”

Michael Larkin, Ph.D.
Fishery Biologist
St. Petersburg, Florida
"Sport fishing brought my family together for generations. It’s the reason I work for NOAA—to preserve this sport for the future."

Rachel Mahler
Fishery Scientist
La Jolla, California
“Working to fish. Fishing to work."

Brad McHale
Atlantic HMS Branch Chief
Gloucester, Massachusetts
"Working for NOAA allows me to give back to fellow anglers and create more and better fishing opportunities."

Sean Meehan
Recreational Fisheries Coordinator
St. Petersburg, Florida
“Tight lines, salt air, and adrenaline. By working for NOAA, I make sure others can experience my joy.”

Danielle Rioux
Policy Specialist
Silver Spring, Maryland
“Fishing is my passion, my research fuels my passion.”

Owyn Snodgrass
Natural Resource Specialist
La Jolla, California
“I love the thrill of reeling in the big one!”

Shelley Sotir
Administrative Assistant
St. Petersburg, Florida
"When I'm not fishing, I'm thinking about it at NOAA."

Scott Steinback
Woods Hole, Massachusetts
"Being a fisherman has made me a better biologist. Being a biologist has made me a better fisherman."

Charles Villafana
Fishery Biologist
Long Beach, California

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