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NOAA Action

NOAA embarked on an initiative in September 2009 to strengthen our partnership with the saltwater recreational fishing community. The initiative has worked to establish an agency culture where recreational fisheries values are recognized.

The initial internal restructuring enabled us to become more coordinated, strategic and responsive to angler concerns. The result is better conversations and new collaborations with the angling public. Below are several reports that provide more information on the initiative and both national and regional activities.

Regional Fisheries Implementation
Plans Compendium
National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Implementation Plan,
National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy, 2015 2014 Recreational Saltwater Fishing Summit Report
Regional Action Agendas 2014-2015 2013 Regional Recreational Roundtables Overview
Preliminary Recreational Perceptions Survey Data Handout 2013 Preliminary Regional Roundtable Summary
Action Update, April 2013 Regional Action Agendas 2011-2013
National Action Agenda, October 2010 Recreational Fisheries at NOAA:
A Growing Legacy
2010 Summit Summary