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National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy

NOAA Fisheries has created a new Agency policy to better serve America’s 11 million recreational saltwater anglers and the communities that rely on them.

The policy—crafted with input from recreational fishing and boating communities, conservation organizations, and managers across the nation—reflects anglers’ voices on a number of existing and emerging concerns, including public access, resource stewardship, regulatory education, science innovation, and better lines of communication between state and federal rulemakers with the community.

Recreational fishing is an important national pastime that supports 381,000 jobs and generates in $58 billion in annual sales impacts, according to a 2012 NOAA report.

National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy

Read the media release.
National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy Implementation Plan
Regional Fisheries Implementation Plans Compendium

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