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Saltwater Recreational Fishing and NOAA

At NOAA, we love fish. We also agree with the 12 million Americans who think wetting a line in saltwater is a great way to spend time. Recreational fishing connects us with our natural resources and provides tremendous economic and social benefits to our coastal communities. 

More goes into a successful fishing trip than just catching fish. NOAA helps in many ways: from ensuring healthy fish populations, to providing nautical charts, to producing timely sea condition data to broadcasting current marine weather forecasts

We share an interest in conservation and an appreciation for all that fishing brings to our lives and communities. As pressures mount on our coasts from development, pollution, energy development, climate change and other factors, NOAA and anglers are increasingly reliant on each other to ensure our saltwater fishing tradition continues. The challenges we face are too big for any of us to handle alone, so it’s natural for anglers and NOAA to work together. 

That’s why we have undertaken an initiative to improve our science and stewardship for saltwater anglers everywhere. The effort is about better understanding angler needs, better tailoring our programs and services, and empowering anglers to be responsible stewards.


The Initiative

NOAA embarked on an initiative in September 2009 to strengthen our partnership with the saltwater recreational fishing community. The initiative began by arranging a number of organizational elements to support the renewed focus and create the foundation for a sustained effort.

Connecting to the Initiative

We appreciate your interest in helping shape the future of recreational fishing with NOAA. A great way to keep informed about the range of NOAA Fisheries activities is our weekly FishNews e-newsletter. If you’re looking to get more involved, there are a number of ways to get connected to the initiative.