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Fishery Management Plan Collection

This (incomplete) collection of fishery management plans, amendments, and related documents provides a unique insight into the continuing development of fishery management policy and actions.

Between the implementation of the Fishery Conservation and Management Act in 1977 and regulatory streamlining in 2004, the Office of Sustainable Fisheries reviewed and commented on every fishery management action. This collection of draft and final documents served as a reference for the ecological, economic and sociological review of proposed actions for the Secretary of Commerce.

Scanned copies of final documents approved for implementation are available on this site for download as a .pdf file. The original documents are available to researchers in the NOAA Central Library in Silver Spring, MD. Contact the coresponding NMFS Regional Fishery Management Council or Regional Office for a complete archive of fishery management actions. A complete Secretarial Action archive is available at the National Archives & Records Administration or the NMFS Regional Office.

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