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Lab Analyses

Microbiological Analytical Group
3209 Frederic Street
Pascagoula, MS 39567
(228) 769-8964

Microbiological Analytical Services

The Microbiological Analytical Service Group conducts microbiological analysis on fishery products and/or obtains such services from specialized fishery products testing laboratories as required to support the DOC National Seafood Inspection Program in its field operations. The Group performs tests for:

Additionally, analytical verification of new real-time PCR protocols are being performed.

The Group assists the Seafood Inspection Program in managing a voluntary inspection program to detect and control the incidence of Salmonella in fish meal products and to determine compliance with U.S. and international regulations for fish meal and other animal by-products that are not intended for human consumption.

Microbiological Analytical Group

Angela Ruple, Lead Analyst, (228) 549-1721

Shannara Lynn, Technical Lead, (228) 549-1730

Stephen Bell, Microbiologist, (228) 549-1720

Johnathan Likens, Contract Microbiologist, (228) 549-1741