210. Review of Northeast fishery stock assessments.

[no MSFCMA amendment]


This section requires the National Academy of Sciences to conduct an independent overview of the scientific basis for Amendments 5 and 7 to the Northeast Multispecies FMP by March 1, 1997.

Legislative history:

The Maine delegation pushed for this measure at the urging of its groundfish industry, because of skepticism about NMFS's dire assessments of groundfish stocks. Part of the Maine groundfish industry sued NOAA (unsuccessfully) on the grounds that Amendment 7 was not based on the best scientific information available. Proposals to delay or suspend implementation of Amendment 7 pending completion of an NAS study were rejected.


The March 1 deadline will not be met. The agreement between NMFS and the National Research Council calls for NRC review of the 1997 stock assessments, which will be available in June 1997.
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