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The National Marine Fisheries Service noaa Fisheries commissioned well known artist and fish enthusiast, Ray Troll, to design original artwork that would both visually communicate and inspire interest in the mission of noaa Fisheries to sustain the health and abundance of the nation's living oceans.Tasked with this challenge, Ray and co-creator Terry Pyles, who provided the computer-based coloration, have depicted the inter-relationships comprising our marine ecosystems.They have captured both the big-picture complexity and individual responsibility of stewardship we all share to sustain the productivity of our living oceans. Enjoy exploring this imageFor more information or to request a copy of this poster email us at NMFS dot Sustainability, at noaa dot gov


Yelloweye Rockfish Flat Bottom Sea Star Weathervane scallop Starshell astraea Northern abalone Sunflower sea star Hawkwing conch Six-rayed sea star Pacific geoduck Atlantic halibut Horseshoe crab Orange bat sea star Pacific angel shark Spot shrimp Little skate Lookdown Giant sea cucumber Garibaldi Common market squid Pacific herring Blue crab Walleye Pollock Atlantic menhaden Giant octopus Atka mackerel American lobster Leatherback turtle Winter flounder Spotted dolphin Red snapper Harbor seal Tilefish Northern right whale Monkfish Steller's sea lion Striped bass Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Atlantic Cod King Salmon Dolphinfish Blue Marlin King Mackerel Giant Grouper Lingcod Blue Shark BroadBill Swordfish Fishing Vessels1 Fishing Vessels2 Fishing Vessels3 Fishing Vessels Fishing Vessels Fishing Vessels Fishing Vessels Fishing Vessels Fishing Vessels Fishing Vessels Fishing Vessels Fishing Vessels Windowpane Flounder Pacific Whitesided dolphin Sailfish Bluefish Atlantic salmon Spiny dogfish Pacific halibut Cabezon Killer whale Pacific spiny lumpsucker Sockeye salmon Spotted ratfish Salmon shark Atlantic flying fish Blue whale Striped searobin Loggerhead turtle Red drum Agujon needlefish Wedgetail triggerfish California sheephead Bocaccio Oarfish Oarfish Oarfish Trumpetfish Sarcastic fringehead Gray whale

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