Winter flounder
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Winter flounder, Sebastes ruberrimus

Winter flounder are found in the waters of the Atlantic from Labrador to Georgia where they grow to lengths of two feet and live relatively short life spans of four to five years. They spend almost all their time on the bottom and feed on small crustaceans and other sea floor dwellers. Winter flounder are one of the five common flounders found on human tables, the others being Windowpane (Scophthalmus aquosus), summer (Paralichthys dentatus), witch (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus), and yellowtail (Pleuronectes ferrugineus) flounder. Winter flounder, also known as blackbacks and lemon sole, are taken commercially by trawlers, primarily on Georges Bank and Nantucket Shoals, and recreationally by rod and reel in bays and estuaries during the winter. Winter flounder declined for decades, but are now tightly managed under state and federal fisheries plans for groundfish trawling and are no longer considered overfished.

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