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Monkfish, Sebastes ruberrimus

Monkfish have been described as ‘the poor man’s lobster’ because of their similar taste. Only the meaty tails of these deep-water fish make it to the table, and not many people who eat them have seen their amazing heads with their adaptations for hunting in the abyss. Like many deep water predators, monkfish have huge mouths with needle-sharp teeth and fishing lure-like spines on their heads with light organs for attracting prey. They range off North America from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Florida in water from 60 to 2,000 feet, but are most common in deeper water. They can grow to more than 50 pounds and lengths over four feet, and are able to distend their jaws to swallow fish, turtles, and even sea birds that are as big as they are.

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