Fishing Vessel Purse Seiner
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Fishing Vessel Purse Seiner , Sebastes ruberrimus

A seiner is so named because it fishes with a net called a seine that is laid out in a circle around a school of fish and drawn into a purse that closes the bottom, trapping the catch inside. Seiners are used most notably in fisheries for salmon, herring, tuna, and menhaden, with crews ranging from two or three to more than a dozen deckhands, depending upon the boat. Seiners range in size from small inshore jitney seiners of twenty or so feet to the giant offshore tuna clippers that are up to two hundred feet long. Until the 1960s, the backbreaking work of pursing and hauling the seine was done by hand, but now most fishermen use powerful hydraulic power blocks to do the job.

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