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Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix

The feeding frenzy of a school of bluefish is a display of violence and gluttony that has no parallel in the marine world. Sport fishermen on the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to Florida celebrate these astonishing displays and haul in the fish they call Asnappers@ until their arms wear out. Bluefish also inhabit waters off the east coast of South America, from the Azores to Portugal and south to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, and in the Mediterranean and Black seas. As in all extremely active predators, the digestive enzymes of bluefish are powerful and the meat will spoil quickly, so part of the ritual of fishing for snapper blues is cooking them right away on shore-side barbecues or frying pans. Snapper blues are juveniles, usually weighing no more than three pounds, but the more independent adults can grow to twenty pounds or more.

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