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NOAA Fisheries and Social Media

Social media broadly describes online tools used to share and spread information through social interaction. This mode of communication, based on real-time publishing online, relies as much on the audience as the publisher. Social media provides a platform from which content transforms into community. Learn more about social media in government.

NOAA-wide, the Agency is using social media tools to share information and greatly increase the potential for better understanding for all about our oceans, coasts, climate and weather sciences. To provide a forum for the public to interact with and help define NOAA’s path is a very exciting prospect for the Agency.

On this page you will find the social media tools that NOAA Fisheries is currently using to share information. Please note, many of these links will lead to non-government websites [exit disclaimer].


Twitter is a "microblogging" services that allows users subscribe to receive brief updates or "tweets " (a maximum 140 characters) from others whom they choose to "follow." NOAA tweets include various announcements and links to its website.

NOAA on Twitter



Facebook fan pages lets users create their own sets of "fans" among whom they share brief updates, photos, links, or other information. NOAA Fisheries’ Facebook fan pages offer users a place to follow updates and share information.

NOAA on Facebook



YouTube lets users posts videos to share with others. NOAA Fisheries' YouTube Channel offers quick access to many videos and links to more information.

NOAA on YouTube


RSS Feeds

RSS or "Really Simple Syndication" is a family of Web formats used to publish frequently updated digital content. It's a way for users to have news and information delivered to subscribers via "feeds."  Users of RSS content use programs called 'feed readers' or 'aggregators' (newer versions of Web browsers offer built in support for RSS feeds).

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