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NOAA Fisheries 2011 Web Story Archive

Blue Marlin Blue marlins and many other billfish are high energy fish that need large amounts of dissolved oxygen. By comparing the movement of the blue marlins and the location of low-oxygen areas, the study shows that blue marlins venture deeper when dissolved oxygen levels are higher and remain in shallower surface waters when low dissolved oxygen areas encroach on their habitat from below, squeezing them into surface waters.

November 2011

In April 2011, NOAA opened all federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico for fishing, after closures due to the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill.

March 2011

03/01: What is Aquaculture?

03/15: NOAA Invites the Public to Comment, Submit Ideas for Restoration Following the BP Oil Spill

03/21: NOAA Wins Prestigious Award About Microscopic Ocean Life

03/25: NOAA, FDA Continue to Re-Test Gulf Seafood