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Research Lab Opens Young Minds to Marine Science

Lockwood students, Lucas and Zack, holding crabs. As part of their trip to the Mukilteo Research Lab and the beach nearby, the student examined many types of marine life and participated in mock research projects.

NOAA Fisheries Northwest was proud to support the Seattle-based Lockwood Elementary School’s recent Parents Active in Cooperative Education Program recently. The program reached 150 students, and 50 teachers and volunteers with three intensive, half-day courses and one multi-station field trip to the Northwest Fisheries Science Center’s Mukilteo Research Station and beach.

This year the students learned about salmon anatomy, behavior and limiting factors; fishing techniques, management, bycatch, and habitat impacts; marine debris; abalone research; rockfish lifecycle and behavior, and more; all highlighting the NOAA Fisheries mission. During the daylong field trip to the Mukilteo waterfront, Northwest Region and Science Center staff led hands-on experiences, experiments and classes on fish identification, research diving, salmon genetics, and fish rearing. They learned how humans and the oceans are inextricably interconnected. The students also had an opportunity to meet with real-life marine scientists at work.
Highlights include:


NOAA enlisted their local partners of the University of Washington, Snohomish County Public Works, and American Cetacean Society to participate in both time and resources. These students may well be our future scientists, policy makers, and leaders to protect our oceans and watershed.