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World Ocean Day: Celebrating Marine Life

Word Ocean Day Activities

World Ocean Day is a time to reflect on the 71 percent of our world that is the ocean.  The ocean has a profound effect on our weather, lifestyle, and diet, no matter where we live. We too have a profound effect on it.
The NOAA Fisheries Service helps to manage people’s impact on the ocean and the creatures that call it home.  Part of our responsibility is to protect species identified as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act.   However, we cannot protect these species alone.  We need your help.
This past month, NOAA Fisheries hosted 16 fun, educational events around the country to celebrate Endangered Species Day.  At these events we showcased the species we work to protect, provided information on how we do our job, and discussed ways people like you can help us. 
We hosted hands on activities at several zoos, aquariums, and museums around the country, including the following:

Word Ocean Day Activities

Many other events highlighting our work with endangered species were hosted at the National Zoo, New England Aquarium, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to name a few.        
Also in May, we also organized multiple community events and evening speaker series focused on how partnerships with the community and other agencies and organizations help us accomplish our conservation goals.  Some of these included:

On this World Ocean Day, take a pledge to help us conserve and protect imperiled species.  Here are some resources where you can learn how to help marine life as you enjoy the ocean: