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Art of the Monterey Bay Life Cycle

October 20, 2011 - A new art exhibit that opened on October 1 at the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum
highlights the natural flux of ocean temperature, nutrients and species that cycle every few decades on the
California coast.

"Green Seas, Blue Seas" showcases artwork from a mural that Alaska-based artist Ray Troll created for the
Pacific Grove NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center in 2007. The paintings vibrantly depict Monterey Bay's
iconic fish, whales, birds and turtles, while interweaving human stories of fishing and scientific research.

Museum visitors can view replicas of the mural sections up close. The paintings wrap around the exhibit room
in a spectrum from green to blue, leading visitors from cool water to warmer water. Oversized sardines and
anchovies suspended from the ceiling spin dream-like overhead.

The exhibit includes Troll's NOAA-commissioned piece titled "Sustainability: It's in Our Hands.”
For more information about the exhibit, contact Sarah Mesnick at

Art of Monterey Bay life cycle

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