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Teacher at Sea Alumni Share Ocean-Going Adventures

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“We feel honored to have our alumni featured for a second time in the Ocean Hall Scientist is In series. During a week when there are so many people visiting the museum, it gives us a great opportunity to share with families the important role that NOAA plays in ocean research and how much the ocean influences all of our lives and our economy, whether we live on the coast or not.” 

- Jennifer Hammond, Director, NOAA Teacher at Sea Program



Class is in session at the Smithsonian’s Ocean Hall. 

On December 28, 2011, teachers Caitlin Fine, Jason Moeller, and Staci DeSchryver, who each spent between five and 19 days at sea aboard NOAA vessels this past year, will relay stories from their Teacher at Sea  experience and hand out complimentary children’s books at the National Museum of Natural History’s Smithsonian Ocean Hall from 1:00-3:00 p.m. This free event is part of the Smithsonian’s ongoing Scientist is In series.

Working side-by-side with renowned marine scientists onboard NOAA ships, Fine, Moeller and DeSchryerm dove into a vast world of species and ecosystems to enrich the material they teach. NOAA’s Teacher at Sea program connects science and education by giving instructors hands-on experiences at sea they can utilize in classrooms across the country. The more these teachers see, know, and understand about our oceans, the more knowledge they can share. 

For more information on this event, contact Jennifer Annetta, 919-649-0298.

Meet the Teachers

NOAA’s Teachers at Sea come from all over and bring diverse teaching backgrounds aboard every cruise. Jason Moeller is a zoo coordinator in Tennessee, and Staci DeSchryer is a high school teacher in Colorado. They both researched pollock in Alaska. Caitlin Fine is an elementary school teacher in Virginia and examined the ecosystems of Florida.

Want to know what a scientific sea-quest is really like? Teachers at Sea keep detailed blogs complete with pictures to document their journeys. Check them out here:

Caitlin Fine

Staci DeSchryver

Jason Moeller

Interested in reading more sea blogs? Visit the Teacher at Sea program web site.

NOAA’s Teacher at Sea Program

Now in its 21st year, the program has given more than 600 teachers the chance to merge a deep love of science with the sea. This year NOAA received applications from more than 250 teachers for the program. Over 30 were selected to participate in the cruises. Selected educators were excited to incorporate new insights from our oceans into student curriculum. For additional information on NOAA’s Teacher at Sea Program, visit: