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NOAA Releases Regional Recreational Fishing Plans

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Value of Saltwater Recreational Fishing

Saltwater recreational fishing is a major economic driver, generating more than $50 billion in sales and supporting more than 326,000 jobs a year.  

Actions at a Glance

6 Regional Plans + 1 for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Containing more than 100 specific actions and deliverables Actions organized under 5 main areas identified by participants of the 2010 Recreational Fishing Summit:

  1. Improved Fishing Opportunities
  2. Improved Catch, Effort, and Status Data
  3. Improved Social and Economic Data
  4. Improved Communication
  5. Improved Institutional Orientation

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Every year, more than 12 million Americans enjoy saltwater recreational fishing along our coasts. More than just a traditional American pastime and contributor to conservation, saltwater recreational fishing is a major economic driver, generating more than $50 billion in sales and supporting more than 326,000 jobs a year. The Regional Recreational Fishing Action Agendas, released today, focus NOAA’s attention on regional-level activities that ensure the contributions from recreational fishing are sustained into the future.

News and Announcements

December 6, 2011 - NOAA Releases Regional Saltwater Recreational Fishing Plans: NOAA today released the first regional saltwater recreational fishing action plans designed to help improve fishing opportunities and address recreational fishing priorities in each of the nation’s six coastal regions and for the angling community that fishes for tunas and other highly migratory species.  Read more… 

About the Action Agendas

Engaging and involving recreational anglers and the recreational fishing industry is an important part of the NOAA Fisheries mission to manage sustainable fisheries. Building off 2010’s successful Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit and the release of the 2011 National Action Agenda for Recreational Fishing,  NOAA Fisheries continues to take steps to strengthen ties with recreational fishermen across the nation. The release of the Regional Action Agendas, tailored to address recreational fishing issues specific to place, is the direct result of NOAA Fisheries’ work to take immediate action on angler concerns – coast to coast.

Regional Saltwater Action Agendas:

A Message from the Assistant Administrator to Anglers 

In May 2011, Eric Schwaab, NOAA’s Assistant Administrator for Fisheries, delivered a message to anglers committing the Agency to follow up the National Action Agenda with region specific plans and actions.