NOAA Invites the Public to Comment, Submit Ideas for Restoration Following the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill

NOAA and other federal and state agencies recently announced plans to begin a restoration scoping process for the Deepwater BP oil spill.  This is a key step in the ongoing Natural Resource Damage Assessment for the spill.

The restoration scoping process will allow for a comprehensive look at the types of restoration that could be required to offset potential impacts from the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico’s coasts, fish, wildlife, and recreation.

Share Your Ideas!

What restoration projects do you think should be considered? Make your voice heard, and submit a comment or project idea through May 14. If you live in the Gulf region, you can also attend one of the upcoming public meetings to share your ideas.

All of your comments will be reviewed by NOAA and the other agencies as we develop a restoration plan for the Gulf.

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