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NOAA Fisheries Feature Stories

November 2012

11/01: Working Together to End IUU Fishing

11/02: Chat About Right Whales With Scientists

11/07: Taking a Closer Look at Redfish

11/07: Voices from the Waterfront: Redfish Fisherman

11/07: Putting Local Fish Back On Our Plates

11/08: Moving Forward, Protecting Our Marine Resources

October 2012

10/01: Through the Eyes of Killer Whales    

10/01: Coral "Hotspots" Discovered Off Northeast Coast

10/03: Aerial Drones Give Scientists a New Perspective                                                     

10/03: Getting to the Bottom of Marine Mammal Crimes

10/09: New Proposal to Protect Oceanic Whitetip Sharks

10/10: The Surprising Sources of Your Favorite Seafoods

10/10: Making Sense of Fish Stock Assessment Models

10/10: Methot Named Science Advisor for Stock Assessments

10/15: Inspecting Seafood—A Highly Trained Nose Knows

10/17: Teacher at Sea Dishes on Pollock Acoustic Survey

10/17: Migrating Gray Whales Slowly Reveal Their Secrets

10/18: Meet the King of American Seafood

10/22: Reflecting on 40 Years of Marine Mammal Protection

10/23: Celebrating 40 Years of Protecting Marine Mammals

10/23: Co-management Strengthens Marine Mammal Science

10/24: New Exhibit Brings You Face to Face with An Orca

10/24: 40 Facts for 40 Years: The Marine Mammal Protection Turns 40

10/24: Marine Mammals on the Move

10/24: New Grants to Foster Sustainable Fisheries Ideas

September 2012

09/04: Habitat Restoration: An Economic Engine

09/05: Military Veterans Help Restore Fish Habitat

09/11: Teacher at Sea Studies the Science Behind Sharks

09/13: Disaster Determinations for Commercial Fisheries

09/14: The Science Behind What Sharks Eat

09/18: NOAA Finds Record Highs in Sea Surface Temperature

09/19: Statistical Report Card for U.S. Fisheries in 2011 Posted

09/19: Leadership Highlights U.S. Fisheries Statistics 

09/20: Scientists Develop Alternative Aquaculture Feeds

09/20: New Video—Exploring U.S. Aquaculture

09/24: New Research: Climate Impacts on Marine Predators

09/26: Ocean Acidification: A Scientist's Perspective

09/27: Estuaries—Habitat of the Month

August 2012

08/06:Gloucester Mussel Farming Project Underway

08/08: Successful Tag Recovery from Huge Bluefin Tuna

08/08: New Technology Helps Predict Harmful Algal Blooms

08/09: Shark Tales—Adventures with a Shark Scientist

08/13: Dive into the Deep End of Shark Conservation

08/13: Shark Mythbusters

08/13: Tales from the Shark Files

08/14: Shark Conservation in Our Global Oceans

08/15: Sutter Named New Director of Habitat Conservation

08/15: Circle Hooks: The Preferred Thresher Catcher?

08/15: Sawfish—Cousins of the Shark

08/16: Twitter #SharkChat @NOAALive with Shark Scientist

08/17: Understanding the Elusive Giant Pacific Octopus

08/21: August Leadership Message—Aquaculture Supplies Seafood, Supports Fisheries, and Creates Habitat

08/23: Restoring Fish Habitat in Oregon Creates Jobs

08/24: New Survey Tool Shows Juvenile Scallop Abundance 

08/27: Aquaculture Techniques Help Conserve White Abalone

08/28: Bering Sea Skates Are Key To Alaska's Ecosystems

08/29: Funding Innovative Research to Reduce Bycatch

08/29: Restoration Turns Landfill into Productive Wetland

08/31: Grants Awarded For Marine Mammal Rescue

July 2012

07/02: NOAA Works with Indonesian Team to Protect Endangered Sea Turtles

07/02: Bullard Named Northeast Regional Administrator

07/03: Eagle Saved from Drowning Thanks to NOAA Enforcement Officer

07/10: Four Weird Ways to Restore Habitat

07/11: HabCam—An Innovative Way to Survey Scallop Habitat

07/11: HabCam II—A Closer Look At Our Science and Technology

07/12: Celebrating Springer - Orphan Orca that Overcame the Odds

07/16: Three Ways You Are Connected to Deep-Sea Coral

07/18: Exploring Climate Impacts on Coastal Cultures

07/19: Economic and Conservation Benefits of Catch Shares

07/20: The Science Behind Restoring the Elwha

07/23: Rivers—Habitat of the Month

07/23: Award-Winning Scientist Pioneers Turtle Research

07/24: Northwest Science Center Deputy Director Announced  

07/24: Five Fish Desperate for Healthy Habitat

07/26: Trawl Gear Modification—Preserving Fish Habitat

07/30: Teacher at Sea Studies Marine Protected Areas

07/30: A New Way to Classify Marine Habitat

07/30: Casitas Endanger Lobster Habitat in Florida Keys

07/31: Voices from the Waterfront—Captain Brings Fishermen to Striped Bass and More

June 2012

06/04: Laying a Solid Foundation for Community Supported Fisheries

06/04: Connecticut’s Bride Brook River Restoration Results in Record Fish Runs

06/06: New Bering Sea research reveals how changing ecosystem impacts America's most valuable fisheries

06/11: Maine Dam Removal Will Improve Access to 1,000 Miles of Habitat

06/11: June Leadership Message—Spotlight on International Cooperation Toward Global Stewardship

06/12: Dolphin SMART Businesses Protect Dolphins

06/21: International Research: NOAA Working to Conserve Sharks in our Global Ocean

06/25: U.S. Commerce Department Announces 2012 Regional Fishery Council Appointments

06/25: National Observer Program Annual Report Released

06/26: Dr. Bill Karp Named as New Science and Research Director for Northeast Fisheries Science Center

06/26: International Whaling Commission Meeting 2012 Meeting

06/28: Ellen O’Donnell, a middle school science teacher from New Hampshire returned from her at-sea experience studying right whales in the North Atlantic

May 2012

age_fish Scientists use fish ear bones (otoliths) to determine fish age, similar to how tree rings tell us about tree age.

05/07: Voices from the Waterfront—Ann and Richard Cook Sell Local Catch at Farmers Markets

05/07: NOAA Announces Proceeds from 1.2 Million Pound Scallop Catch Will Fund 13 Cooperative Research Projects

05/09: U.S. Fisheries Management: Lessons from a 35-Year Journey—World Fisheries Congress 2012 – “Sustainable Fisheries in a Changing World”

05/14: Annual Report to Congress on the Status of U.S. Fisheries

05/21: Crimes Against Marine Mammals Exhibit Opens at D.C.'s Crime Museum

05/21: First Graders Create Trailer to Send Teacher to Sea in Style

05/23: Stock Assessment 101 Series: Part 1—Data Required for Assessing U.S. Fish Stocks

05/29: Empowering Students through Science: Lessons in Protecting Turtles from Fishing Gear

05/30: United States and European Union Share Vision for Sustainable World Fisheries

April 2012

Snakehead Invasive snakehead.

04/02: MRIP: The Science Behind Making Anglers’ Catch Count

04/04: The Megamouth Specialist: Dr. Jose Castro Discusses his Rare Expertise

04/09: Voices from the Waterfront: Meet Ryan Lambert, Louisiana Sport Fisherman Rebuilding Business after Gulf Oil Spill

04/09: Sustainable Sport Fishing for Thresher Sharks

04/11: FishSmart Program: Providing Recreational Fishermen with the Opportunity to Improve their Catch through Collaboration

04/13: NOAA Invites Comment on Coral Status Review Report and Draft Management Report

04/16: Conserving the Cape Fear River for Fish and People

04/22: Safe Passage: NOAA Scientists and Gray Whales are Forging New Paths

04/22: Our Earth, Our Fishing Communities

04/22: NOAA Teacher at Sea Alum Brings the Ocean into Earth Day

04/22: How to control invasives? Put a fork in them!

04/30: Fisheries Observers: Sentinels of the Sea

04/30: Fund Focuses on Community Innovation and Knowledge Transfer to Support Sustainable Fisheries Management

Left side of megamouth shark Left side of megamouth shark showing its organs and cartilaginous skeleton.

March 2012

03/07: John Stein Named as New NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center Director

03/09: Historic Milestone in Fisheries Management Achieved—Annual Catch Limits Now in Place for Most Federally Managed Fisheries

03/09: Meet Laura Anderson, Owner of Local Ocean Seafoods

03/12: FishWatch Gets a Fresh Look

03/13: Voices from the Waterfront - Meet Phil Harris, Black Cod Fisherman

03/27: Sitting Down with a Teacher at Sea

03/28: Voices from the Fisheries: Celebrating Fishermen's Wives

Dish of seafood. Dish of delicious seafood.

February 2012

02/02: NOAA’s Big Miracle Worker - NOAA marine mammal biologist Dave Withrow and the event that inspired Hollywood

02/08: Study: Seafood Safe After Deepwater Horizon

02/14: President's Proposed 2013 Budget Released

02/22: Join Us on Twitter for a Live Chat with 'Big Miracle Worker' Dave Withrow

02/22: First Year Results from West Coast Groundfish Catch Share Program

02/27: Discoveries Highlighted in Deep Sea Coral Report to Congress

02/27: Aquatic Invaders and Our Coastlines

Sockeye Salmon Today's pressures on fish and wildlife and their habitats are exacerbated by climate change and together they emphasize the need for increased conservation and science-based management. The strategy is our nation's insurance for managing healthy and robust ecosystems in uncertain future conditions. Pictured: Sockeye salmon.

January 2012

01/09: Historic Milestone in Fisheries Management Achieved - Annual Catch Limits Now in Place for Most Federal Fisheries

01/12: NOAA Provides Roadmap to Recovery For Steelhead Trout in Southern California

01/15: Cosco Busan Spill Lethal to Fish Embryos Say Scientists

01/19: Strategy Proposed to Respond to Climate Change Impacts on Fish, Wildlife, Plants

01/25: New Method Improves Accuracy of Recreational Catch Estimates

01/31: NOAA lists five Atlantic sturgeon populations under Endangered Species Act

01/31: NOAA Honors Fishery Management Councils