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First Graders Create Trailer to Send Teacher to Sea in Style

May 21, 2012 

A first grade teacher at The A. P. Morris Early Childhood Center in Hillside, New Jersey, for the past 12 years, NOAA Teacher at Sea Kristy Weaver sets sail on the R/V Savannah for an 8 day reef fish survey this week. NOAA’s Teacher at Sea Program provides teachers across the country with first-hand scientific research experiences they can use to infuse their lessons and share with the community upon their return.

Weaver’s impending trip has already inspired classroom learning—an impromptu math lesson helped her students grasp the size of the 92 foot ship she'll be boarding. Click on the video below to see the creative trailer Ms. Weaver's excited first graders made to send her off in style. See if you can spot the beloved class pet, Jerry.