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Twitter #SharkChat @NOAALive with Shark Scientist

Click the image below to take a look at some great questions Trey answered.

Thanks everyone for participating in our #SharkChat on Twitter with our shark scientist, Trey Driggers. It was a huge success and your participation made it record-breaking. 

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Trey Driggers aboard the NOAA Oregon II baiting hooks.


Meet Trey Driggers, Shark Scientist 

Q: Trey, tell us about a day in the life working as a shark scientist. 

A: My job is to monitor trends in abundance of coastal sharks in U.S. waters off the East Coast and throughout the northern Gulf of Mexico. To do this, my colleagues and I spend a couple of months each year setting and retrieving longline gear from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina to Brownsville, Texas. 

The resulting data are used by stock assessment analysts to determine if population levels are increasing, decreasing, or remaining constant. Other areas of my research include examining the behavior, distribution, growth, habitat utilization, and reproduction of sharks. 

Get more on Trey's adventures in our up close and personal Q&A.