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Habitat Restoration: An Economic Engine

September 4, 2012 

This NOAA Fisheries video features habitat restoration with a focus on its power to create jobs and revive habitat—a win-win for everyone. Restoration projects create immediate local jobs and benefit the economy in the long term. Habitat improvements intended to bolster fish runs promise to increase sport and commercial fishing opportunities in the coming years.

To see more cool videos, visit the NOAA Fisheries YouTube channel.

Habitat Restoration Facts

1. Restoration projects create between 17-33 jobs per $1 million invested. Check it out.

2. These types of projects generate more jobs than traditional construction.The oil and gas sector only creates roughly 5 jobs per $1 million invested, while road infrastructure generates 7 jobs per $1 million invested.

3. Unlike other sectors, restoration jobs can’t be outsourced—they are local, and they bring a lot of benefits to the local economy.



4. A report by Ecotrust found that an average of 90 percent of money invested in restoration stays in the state, and 80 percent stays in the county where a project is located.

5. Restoration projects create jobs for many different kinds of workers: construction workers, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, and technical experts such as engineers and wildlife biologists.

6. Restoration projects create demand for local businesses such as plant nurseries, quarries, and others. For more information, visit our restoration jobs portal.