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NOAA Fisheries Education Program

NOAA Fisheries' Education Program works with our own experts and partner organizations to develop and distribute high quality, science-based materials and activities for students and teachers interested in exploring the science behind marine resource management and conservation. Our materials also help students, teachers, and the interested public better understand the agency's diverse mission which includes the management and stewardship of the nation's marine resources and their habitats, sustainable seafood, and the recovery of protected marine species such as whales, seals, turtles, and fish. Explore some highlights from our programs and projects, along with other resources below.

Learn How We Protect Our Marine Mammals

The Marine Mammal Protection
Act provides protection and
conservation measures for whales,
seals, and dolphins. Find out about our
efforts to protect marine mammals
and learn about our unique programs including WhaleSENSE and DolphinSMART.


Look Who's Coming Together to Help Sturgeon

SCUTES is a collaborative program between NOAA Fisheries,
researchers, and educators to raise awareness about Atlantic and
shortnose sturgeon. Explore the materials, activities, and lesson
plans from our educators

Check Out Our Hands On Education at Woods Hole

NOAA Fisheries works with
the Woods Hole science
community to provide college students practical experience in marine
and environmental science. Learn
more about this engaging program
of internships and coursework.

Discover the Science Behind Sustainable Seafood

These lesson plans help educators introduce students to the science
behind responsibly managed U.S. fisheries. Explore the complexities of counting fish in the ocean and
learn how ecosystem interactions
play an important role.

Understand Our Role in Protecting

The Saving Salmon website
provides lesson plans aimed
at teaching elementary school
children about salmon habitats,
hatcheries,and spawning
practices. Explore the role
that humans have in protecting
salmon and their habitat.

Learn About Our Fisheries and Fishing Communities

The Voices of the Bay education
curriculum uses engaging,
hands-on activities to provide
a deeper understanding of the
marine ecology, economy, and
culture that surrounds fisheries.
Learn about our U.S. fisheries
and the fishing industry.

Explore the Northern Fur Seal

The goal of this integrated curriculum
is to increase knowledge of northern
fur seals and the Unangan through lessons and activities designed for varying grade levels and teachers with little or no background knowledge.

Visit the NEMO Program

NOAA's NEMO Program provides marine science education opportunities for Washington, D.C. public school students and a free marine science curriculum (for download) for middle and high school teachers nationwide.

QUEST Virtual Institute

The Quantitative Ecology and Socioeconomics Training (QUEST) program was recently initiated by NOAA Fisheries to enhance education and training for the next generation of stock assessment scientists, ecosystem scientists, and economists.

Sandy Hook Lab Activity Book

For more than 50 years, the James J. Howard Laboratory at Sandy Hook has collected information on commercially and recreationally important species of fish and shellfish. This activity book allows students to explore the important work conducted at the lab.

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