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NOAA Releases Recreational Fishing Report for 2012

To read the full report, Recreational Fisheries Year in Review, click here or the below image


April 2, 2013

NOAA recognizes the important role anglers play as stewards of our marine resources, contributors to our coastal economies, and in enriching the lives of millions of Americans. It is rewarding to see our relationships with the recreational fishing community improving as we move forward, working together.

The many actions we have taken since 2010 under the Recreational Fisheries Engagement Initiative are making a difference, and as we report in this Recreational Fisheries Engagement Initiative 2012 Update, we continue to make progress. 

Nearly 80 percent of the National Action Agenda is complete or well underway. However, even as we see progress through our work together and improvements in fish stocks as we execute plans to end overfishing and rebuild depleted stocks, I recognize our work is far from finished. This is especially true with the complex and longstanding challenges related to data quality and allocation, and with the needs to sustain and increase access to rebuilding stocks.

We recognize these issues remain as priorities for fishermen, and they do for NOAA as well. We are committed to working through our scientific, management and public engagement processes to continue addressing these issues. I appreciate and remain encouraged by the recreational community’s continued engagement and willingness to work with us to address these and other challenges.

The Engagement Initiative is creating positive momentum. While many changes are incremental, with sustained attention, change is becoming more obvious. I am confident that the positive outcomes of our collective, focused attention will increase as we continue forward together. 

I am a firm believer in collaboration, and sustainably managing our common ocean 
resources is a job best accomplished in a partnership. Thank you for all your ideas 
and cooperation in 2012, I look forward to continuing our work with you in 2013.

Eric Schwaab
Assistant Administrator for Fisheries, performing the functions 
and duties of the Assistant Secretary for Conservation and Management