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Meet Our Senior Science Advisors

Advanced science and technology is fundamental to NOAA Fisheries’ mission to protect our nation’s living marine resources. Led by our Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Merrick, we have 1,400 scientists working to improve our understanding of fisheries, protected species, and their habitat.

Meet our top senior scientists who guide our innovative and diverse approaches for stock assessments, ecosystem science, and fisheries economics.

Rick Methot, Ph.D.    

Science Advisor for Stock Assessments

Dr. Methot is the agency’s senior-most authority in the field of stock assessment science. In this role, he is working to facilitate a national approach to stock assessments across the agency and to conduct research to improve fish stock assessments nationally and internationally. A key aspect of Dr. Methot’s work is to develop methods for incorporating ecosystem considerations into stock assessments, such as predator and prey relationships, habitat and oceanographic impacts, and multi-species and multi-fisheries interactions. Read more about Rick Methot.

To learn more about stock assessments, watch Dr. Methot's presentation on stock assessment science and U.S. fisheries (right). >>

Doug Lipton, Ph.D.
Senior Research Economist

Dr. Lipton provides leadership and strategic direction to the agency’s economics and social science research program. As the agency’s top authority on fisheries economics, his work explores how economics plays a critical role in ecosystem based fisheries management. Much of Dr. Lipton’s research focuses on valuing marine resources such as fish, shellfish, and recreation. In addition, he has been instrumental in developing innovative policies that use economic incentives to drive environmental improvements. Read more about Doug Lipton.

<< To learn more about the role of economics in fisheries management, watch Dr. Lipton's presentation on valuation and payment for marine ecosystem services (left).

Jason Link, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist for Ecological Research

Dr. Link is the agency’s senior-most authority on ecosystem science, conducting research and coordinating activities of NOAA Fisheries’ science support for effective ecosystem-based management. He is responsible for the creation of approaches and models that support development of ecosystem-based fisheries management plans throughout the agency. A key element of Dr. Link’s work is the development of the tools and approaches that will allow NOAA Fisheries to deal with the impacts of climate change on our marine trust species. Read more about Jason Link.

To learn more about managing marine ecosystems, watch Dr. Link's presentation on biological, physical, and other complexities related to ecosystem-based management (right). >>

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