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40 Species for 40 Years of the Endangered Species Act

This December marks the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Congress passed the ESA in 1973 to protect threatened and endangered species and their ecosystems. There are approximately 2,100 species listed.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and NOAA Fisheries share responsibility for implementing the ESA. Generally, USFWS manages land and freshwater species, while NOAA Fisheries manages marine and anadromous species from whales and sea turtles, to salmon and sea grass.

Take a look at our slideshow below to learn more about some of these endangered and threatened marine species.

Learn more about the Endangered Species Act.

ESA 40 View slideshow NOAA Fisheries has jurisdiction over 94 marine and anadromous species under the Endangered Species Act. Most of these species are found in part or entirely in U.S. waters, while about 20 are foreign species such as the Vaquita porpoise. esa02.jpg esa03.jpg esa04.jpg esa05.jpg esa06.jpg esa07.jpg esa08.jpg esa09.jpg esa10.jpg esa11.jpg esa12.jpg esa13.jpg esa14.jpg esa15.jpg esa16.jpg esa17.jpg esa18.jpg esa19.jpg esa20.jpg esa21.jpg esa22.jpg esa23.jpg esa24.jpg esa25.jpg esa26.jpg esa27.jpg esa28.jpg esa29.jpg esa30.jpg esa31.jpg esa32.jpg esa33.jpg esa34.jpg esa35.jpg esa36.jpg esa37.jpg esa38.jpg esa39.jpg esa40.jpg esa41.jpg esa42.jpg esa43.jpg esa44.jpg