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Renewed Passage: Buzzards Bay to the Acushnet River



April 24, 2014

From the 1940s to the 1970s, manufacturers discharged PCBs and toxic metals into New Bedford Harbor in Massachusetts, resulting in high levels of contamination. NOAA Fisheries and other state and federal agencies, as members of the New Bedford Harbor Trustee Council, are working to restore natural resources impacted by the contamination. 

In 2007, we installed a "nature-like" fishway on the Acushnet River, replacing an obsolete dam. Before this structure was put into place, less than 400 fish were up in the New Bedford Reservoir. This past spring, 6,000 fish were up to the headwaters of the river. Fish like river herring now have better access to habitat in the watershed, which means more opportunities to grow, spawn, and thrive. See how the fishway helps improve habitat and helps migrating herring access prime spawning grounds.

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Renewed Passage: Buzzards Bay to the Acushnet River River>>>