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Protecting an Endangered Species: the Smalltooth Sawfish



May 16, 2014

The smalltooth sawfish is a bizarre looking animal and an endangered species. In this video, get an intimate look at baby sawfish that are only days old, as well as a glimpse of a 17-foot long adult. Learn about the science behind protecting these creatures and see NOAA Fisheries research in action.

The smalltooth sawfish was listed as endangered in the United States in 2003, and its range is currently restricted to Southwest Florida. In 2009, NOAA Fisheries designated critical habitat for the smalltooth sawfish, which is the habitat needed to conserve and recover the species. NOAA Fisheries will continue to work towards recovery—our hope is to see sawfish recolonize their historic range from North Carolina to Texas. 

Watch the video:
Protecting Smalltooth Sawfish>>>