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The Expert Is In

You've got questions about sharks, our shark experts have answers! Watch these short videos below to see NOAA Fisheries scientists Trey Driggers and John Carlson answer what you want to know about sharks. 


Q: How many young do female sharks have? 


Q: How intelligent are sharks? What is their 
problem-solving ability as compared to other animals?


Q: When did sharks first appear in the oceans?


Q: Are there any marine biology programs that specialize in sharks?


Q: How long do sharks live?


Q: How fast does a shark swim?


Q: Which species of shark Is most known to be
a problem as an invasive species? And, which
species seem to stay closest to their native waters?

Q: How many species of sharks are there in the world? 

Q: How are sharks different than fish?

Q: How do sharks smell blood from far distances?

Q: What is the difference between a shark
and a ray?

Q: What is the difference between a
skate and a ray?

Q: What are some less common species
found in the Gulf of Mexico and current
population status?

Q: Is it true that sharks are most active at
dawn and dusk?

Q: What do we know about the mating behavior
of sharks?