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NOAA Fisheries Celebrates Shark Week Through Video!

The Expert Is In

Watch the videos below to get a glimpse of the wide variety of shark science and conservation work we do every day. And for more, subscribe to our NOAA Fisheries YouTube channel.

Check out more shark features and meet some of our shark experts.

A Mako’s Last Meal Part II: The Shark Bite Effect
Scientists studying the shark bite patterns on the hides of sea lions have reason to believe these apex predators are coming back and helping to restore balance to the natural ecosystem in California.

Northwest Atlantic Shark Cooperative Research
While federal fisheries laws are designed to ensure sustainable shark populations, cooperative research by commercial fishermen is a key component for supporting sustainable management of sharks.

A Symphony of Sharks
To celebrate Shark Week, NOAA Fisheries presents an ode to sharks and our shark science. This video spotlights a wide range of shark species, as well as the research that we conduct.

Managing Shark Populations in Alaskan Waters
NOAA Fisheries shark biologist, Cindy Tribuzio, explains the science behind assessing the age and range of a shark–in this case, the Pacific spiny dogfish.

A Mako Shark's Last Meal
Watch a NOAA Fisheries biologist, Antonella Preti, analyze the stomach contents of a shortfin mako shark.

Sustainable Sport Fishing for Thresher Sharks
Scientists at NOAA and the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research partner up to study survival rates of the local thresher shark population in Southern California.

Shark Conservation and the Spiny Dogfish
Tobey Curtis, a NOAA Fisheries shark researcher, talks about the importance of shark conservation and describes his work with spiny dogfish management in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tagging Mako and Blue Sharks
Suzy Kohin from NOAA's Southeast Fisheries Science Center explains the science behind the satellite tagging of large pelagic species like the mako shark and blue shark.

Ageing Sharks
Shark researchers, Nancy Kohler and Lisa Natanson, explain why it's important to be able to know the age of a shark.

Conservation of Apex Predators
NOAA Fisheries biologist, Nancy Kohler, and her team study the basic life history of apex predators like sharks to ensure their long-term sustainability.

Shark Fishing Tournaments
NOAA biologists, Nancy Kohler and Lisa Natanson, attend recreational shark tournaments in the northeast where they examine the sharks that are landed.

Sharks: Best Practices for Healthy Catch & Release
Learn about best fishing practices and tackle that help improve survival rates and the healthy release of sharks back into our oceans.

Tagging Basking Sharks
Watch and learn how NOAA Fisheries scientists are studying basking sharks by using satellite tagging technology.