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#AquaScience Chat on Twitter with NOAA Aquaculture Science Coordinator Dr. Mike Rust

October 23, 2014

Marine aquaculture is the breeding, rearing and harvesting of marine plants and animals such as seaweeds, fish and shellfish. 

So, how does marine aquaculture support sustainable seafood and contribute to seafood supply? Have you ever wondered what the U.S. is doing in marine aquaculture? You asked an expert, Dr. Mike Rust during our tweet chat on October 23, 2014!

As the Science Coordinator for the Aquaculture Office, Dr. Mike Rust works with NOAA labs and science centers to implement a coordinated aquaculture research strategy across NOAA and in concert with other federal agencies. This includes coordinating implementation of the NOAA-USDA Alternative Feeds Initiative, the National Aquatic Animal Health Plan, and Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, among other issues.  

Dr. Rust comes to the program from NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center where his research focused on multiple areas of marine aquaculture. He served as the Program Manager for the Aquaculture Research at the Center, the mission of which is to provide the scientific information and technology needed to create viable, environmentally sustainable marine aquaculture industries and to protect and restore wild fisheries. 

With fisheries and aquaculture experience both domestically and internationally, Dr. Rust has studied in many countries including the Philippines, Haiti, Norway, and Canada. He has degrees from the University of Colorado (environmental biology -- B.S.), University of California, Davis (animal science -- M.S. and international agricultural development -- M.S.) and the University of Washington (fisheries -- Ph.D.).

For more information on U.S. Marine Aquaculture, please visit NOAA’s Office of Aquaculture website