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Reddit "Ask Me Anything" with NOAA Shark Scientist Trey Driggers


Conserving and protecting sharks: Join NOAA Fisheries in celebrating Shark Week by asking any questions you may have about these amazing predators! Dr. William "Trey" Driggers, NOAA Fisheries Research Biologist and shark scientist, will answer your questions about the conservation and protection of sharks within U.S. waters between 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. EST on Wednesday, July 8th

Trey Driggers, NOAA Fisheries Research Biologist, examines a Carolina hammerhead shark off the coast of South Carolina.

Reddit AMA Details

Dr. William "Trey" Driggers, NOAA Fisheries Research Biologist and Shark Scientist

What: Reddit Science "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) - Shark Week 2015

When: Wednesday, July 8th, 11:00am-1:00pm EST


At NOAA, we love sharks and want to better protect them. Sharks are absolutely vital to the health of the ecosystems they inhabit. Additionally, some shark species represent an important resource for the commercial and recreational fishing communities.  

As a shark biologist with NOAA Fisheries, Trey's job is to monitor trends in abundance of coastal sharks in U.S. waters off the East Coast and throughout the northern Gulf of Mexico. Data collected during research is then used by stock assessment analysts to determine if population levels are increasing, decreasing, or remaining constant. 

NOAA Fisheries manages the commercial and recreational shark fisheries in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and works with the regional fishery management councils to conserve and sustainably manage sharks in the Pacific Ocean. By conducting research, assessing stocks, working with U.S. fishermen, and implementing restrictions when necessary, NOAA Fisheries sustainably manages shark populations. For overfished shark stocks, NOAA Fisheries applies management measures to rebuild the stock to a healthy level. Sustainably managed shark fisheries provide opportunities for both commercial and recreational fishermen.

The United States has some of the strongest shark management measures worldwide. In addition to prohibiting shark finning in the United States under the Shark Conservation Act, we continue to promote our fins naturally attached policy overseas. NOAA Fisheries works within regional fisheries management organizations and other international bodies to get international shark conservation and management measures approved.

Ask your questions about sharks between 11:00am and 1:00pm on July 8th. We hope to hear from you.