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Making Way for Fish Migration

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West Coast Fish Passage Solutions

Office of Habitat Conservation

Threatened and Endangered Species

May 16, 2016

Salmon and other migrating fish, such as river herring and sturgeon, need access to freshwater habitat for spawning and rearing their young. Habitat loss and man-made obstacles like dams disrupt the natural flow of rivers and can prevent fish migration upstream. NOAA Fisheries works to promote fish passage, restore
habitat, and protect migratory fish.

Fish Passage
Opening Fish Passage Finding Technical Solutions Restoring Access to Habitat
New adult fish facility opens
Oregon’s South Santiam basin to threatened salmon & steelhead
Moving Fish: Fishways Connect Habitats
and Support Coastal Communities
Removing barrier opens 40 miles of habitat to threatened steelhead in California Creek
Penobscot River: Un-Build It and They Will Come
Washington’s Baker River reaches
all time record—one million salmon are
on their way to the Pacific Ocean
Seeing Redds After Fish Passage Restoration
New Fish Passage Opens Up Historical Habitat
Ladders and Licenses: Fish Passages Play Role in Relicensing Hydroelectric Facilities Maine Dam Removal Opens Access to 1,000 miles of habitat
Connecticut River Work To Bring Back Ancient Fish
Juvenile bypass systems help fish avoid turbines  VIDEO! Restoring Fisheries Through Habitat Restoration
Opening up the Hudson River for Migrating Fish, One Dam at a Time
Making Way for Migrating Fish (PDF) VIDEO! Russian River Restoration

Species Stories
River Herring
Atlantic Salmon
Survive the Dam
The Sound of Endangered Chinook Salmon Surviving
Sturgeon are Spawning Again in Chesapeake Bay CA Chinook Salmon: A Measured Sip of Cold Water NW Salmon Restoration
and PIT tags

What the Experts Say
Jason Kahn, NOAA Fisheries scientist, sturgeon Rory Saunders, NOAA Fisheries scientist, Atlantic salmon Ed Meyer, NOAA Fisheries, engineer, NW salmon Margaret Tauzer, NOAA Fisheries, engineer, NW salmon

Ways to Celebrate World Fish Migration Day

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What's the most common  way for adult fish to get past a dam? To use a fish ladder!

This water-filled structure allows fish to pass up and over in a series of steps.

Learn more about how fish ladders work.