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Seafood Soundbites

Join NOAA Fisheries this October in celebrating National Seafood Month! We'll be sharing some "Seafood Soundbites" to help you make smart, sustainable seafood choices all year round. 

What does the term "sustainable fisheries" mean and why should it be important to you when buying 
fish? How do you know if your fish is sustainably caught? Watch this short video to learn more. 

See how QR code tags on seafood allow you to trace information about where your seafood was caught, 
the name of the boat, the name of the fisher and recipes on how to cook the fish. 

Do you know how to shuck an oyster? John Paul Sebatier and Johnny of Rappahannock Oyster Bar in 
Washington D.C. demonstrate the Chesapeake stab method of shucking oysters.

How fresh is that fish you're buying? A few helpful tips on eyeing fish freshness are offered up by
John Rorapaugh, "Seafood Evangelist" with ProFish in Washington, D.C.