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We're Making Progress on Diversity and Inclusion Efforts at Fisheries

A Message from Sam Rauch, Acting Assistant Administrator for Fisheries

June 15, 2017

At NOAA Fisheries, we are responsible for managing and protecting our nation’s vital marine resources. Our mission includes everything from providing safe, sustainable seafood to conserving protected species, such as whales, sea turtles and corals. With such a wide ranging mission, it is important that we foster and grow a diverse and inclusive workforce to meet our agency’s needs now and into the future. As NOAA staff, inclusion is a responsibility we all share and benefit from. To underscore this, I would like to update you on some of our recent diversity and inclusion initiatives, many led by our EEO staff in headquarters and our outreach and education staff in the field.

Fisheries has formed new partnerships with numerous organizations, including Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences, the Wounded Warrior program, and the Cornerstone Montgomery Vocational Services of Bethesda, Maryland, which resulted in the securing of two trainees with disabilities. Last October, in partnership with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and the Department of Commerce, we helped co-sponsor a conference to expand partnerships and strategic alliances between federal agencies, public organizations, minority-serving Institutions, and the private sector. Fisheries has also created employee advisory boards which will advise leadership on a wide range of issues, such as internal communication, employee engagement, and morale.

Many of our outreach and education initiatives, some of which are highlighted below, also foster diversity and inclusion, especially those focused on inspiring members of traditionally underrepresented communities to consider careers in science.

Finally, our Acting Administrator Ben Friedman sent an All Hands email a few weeks ago updating all NOAA on the progress on diversity and inclusion. If you missed it, you may want check it out here.

Thank you,

Sam Rauch

Acting Assistant Administrator for Fisheries