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  • Climate and Fish Sticks

    Jul 24: Learn more about the connection between a changing climate and Alaska pollock, the primary fish stick fish.

  • New Video—From Gravel Pits to Salmon Habitat

    Apr 15: California is looking at an innovative restoration method: reclaiming abandoned gravel pits as habitat for salmon.

  • Public Comment Extended to List 66 Coral Species

    Feb 25: The public comment period is extended for NOAA's proposed listing of 66 reef-building coral species under the Endangered Species Act.

  • In the Field With Ice Seals

    Dec 21: What's it like to be in the field with ice seals? What kind of technology do we use to study them? Marine ecologist Peter Boveng answers these questions and more.

  • Our Top 12 Stories From 2012

    Dec. 20: It has been an exciting year at NOAA Fisheries. As we look forward to 2013, take a look back at our twelve most popular stories from 2012.

  • The Science of Fisheries This is the Exit Disclaimer icon

    Dec 19: This interview with NOAA's John Bullard and Bill Karp explores the science of fisheries.

  • Teachers Go High-Tech with Underwater Technology

    Dec 17: What kind of underwater technologies did NOAA Teachers At Sea Alicia Gillean and Allan Phipps use when they were on research cruises this past summer?

  • Ocean CSI: NOAA’s Forensic Analysts In Action

    Dec 14: Learn how NOAA's forensic analysts use science to combat seafood fraud, protecting our seafood supply and defending protected species.

  • Understanding Changing Arctic Ecosystems

    Dec 14: NOAA scientists work to understand what changes in sea ice coverage could mean for future Arctic fisheries.

  • NOAA Special Agent Receives Highest Service Award

    Dec 12: The North Pacific Fishery Management Council has presented its highest honor—the Bob Mace Distinguished Service Award—to NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement Alaska Division Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge Kenneth Hansen.

  • Cape Fear River Basin Action Plan Drafted

    Dec 7: Recognizing the importance of migratory fish in the Cape Fear River basin, NOAA and stakeholders drafted the Cape Fear River Basin Action Plan for Migratory Fish. This draft is open for public comment until December 19, 2012.

  • Investing in Marine Habitat Restoration

    Dec 7: Healthy habitat is critical to recover and sustain fish populations. NOAA's Restoration Center is currently soliciting applications for restoration projects that use a habitat-based approach to foster species recovery and increase fish production.