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  • Hauling Up Illegal Lobster Traps in Florida Keys

    Jul 16: Casitas (Spanish for “little houses”) are used to catch spiny lobsters by providing places for them to gather. A NOAA team is removing 300 of these illegal devices in the Florida Keys over the next two months.

  • Sea Turtles See Justice

    Mar 6: NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement and the FBI conducted a joint undercover operation leading to the arrest of a Puerto Rican man for his role in the illegal sale of sea turtle meat.

  • International Ivory Smuggling Ring Dismantled

    Feb 24: Three co-defendants in Tennessee and New Jersey have been arrested in connection with illegal trafficking of narwhal tusks from Canada to the United States.

  • Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources

    Oct 21: An essential part of our U.S. sustainable fisheries management approach is ensuring that commercial fishermen are knowledgeable of catch regulations and requirements, and that they are in compliance with these laws.

  • Dolphin Mortality Events Prompt More Patrols

    Sept 9: Unusual mortality events of dolphins along the east coast spur increased presence of enforcement officers.

  • Fishery Fraud Brings Hefty Penalty

    Aug 20: Criminal charges have been levied against a New York fisherman for the illegal catch of more than 86,000 pounds of fluke.

  • Right Whale, Right Rule

    Aug 15: The enforcement of ship strike reduction rule helps improves the survival of right whales.

  • NOAA and INTERPOL Address Fisheries Crime

    Feb 27: NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement has long partnered with international police organization INTERPOL and is excited to help INTERPOL launch Project SCALE, a new initiative to detect, combat and suppress fisheries crime worldwide.

  • A Global Perspective on Tackling Illegal Fishing

    Feb 12: NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement works internationally to protect fishermen from the illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing that threatens their income and sustainability of their shared fishery resources.

  • Ocean CSI: NOAA’s Forensic Analysts In Action

    Dec 14: Learn how NOAA's forensic analysts use science to combat seafood fraud, protecting our seafood supply and defending protected species.

  • NOAA Special Agent Receives Highest Service Award

    Dec 12: The North Pacific Fishery Management Council has presented its highest honor—the Bob Mace Distinguished Service Award—to NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement Alaska Division Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge Kenneth Hansen.

  • Meet NOAA's Office Of Law Enforcement

    Nov 16: Take a closer look at NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement and see how they play an important role in protecting and conserving our nation's living marine resources and their habitat.