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  • A Photographic Journey to the Bottom of the Sea

    Oct 1: A NOAA Fisheries expedition maps deep-water corals in the Bering Sea to ensure that healthy ecosystems and large-scale fisheries continue to co-exist.

  • Healthy Habitat: Key to U.S. Seafood and Fisheries

    Jul 15: Watch this short video to learn more about the important role healthy habitat serves as the foundation of America’s seafood and fisheries and what NOAA is doing to conserve habitat to rebuild fisheries.

  • Hauling Up Illegal Lobster Traps in Florida Keys

    Jul 16: Casitas (Spanish for “little houses”) are used to catch spiny lobsters by providing places for them to gather. A NOAA team is removing 300 of these illegal devices in the Florida Keys over the next two months.

  • Sustainable Fishing and the Bering Sea Canyons

    Jun 5: Should the Bering Sea canyons be closed to fishing to protect sensitive habitats? Here are a few frequently asked questions about the science and the decision-making.

  • Assessing Climate Change Impacts in the U.S.

    May 6: The 3rd National Climate Assessment confirms that climate change is affecting every region of the U.S. and key sectors of our economy. Learn how we're studying climate change impacts on fisheries and protected resources.

  • NOAA Selects Habitat Focus Areas in North Atlantic

    May 5: NOAA has chosen two sites in the North Atlantic—the Penobscot River watershed in Maine and the Choptank River watershed in Maryland and Delaware—as the next Habitat Focus Areas.

  • Renewed Passage: Buzzards Bay to Acushnet River

    April 24: NOAA Fisheries and its partners installed a "nature-like" fishway on the Acushnet River in Massachusetts to improve habitat and help migrating herring access prime spawning grounds.

  • The Mysterious World of Deep-water Corals

    Apr 23: NOAA Fisheries zoologist and deep-water corals expert Martha Nizinski explores the little-known ecosystems of the continental shelf.

  • New Deep-Sea Coral Report Released

    Apr 23: NOAA Fisheries announces the release of the 2014 Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program Report to Congress, featuring the exciting discovery of deep-sea coral habitats and progress made in our regional research.

  • Restoring Fisheries Through Habitat Restoration

    April 17: Habitat conservation is one of the best ways to recover commercially and recreationally important fish populations. See how it's done in our new video.

  • NOAA Selects New Great Lake Habitat Focus Areas

    Feb 20: NOAA has chosen two sites in the Great Lakes—Muskegon Lake and the St. Louis River estuary—as the next Habitat Focus Areas under NOAA’s Habitat Blueprint.

  • Protecting Fish from California's Extreme Drought

    Feb 18: To ensure California’s threatened and endangered fish populations survive the drought, NOAA is working hand-in-hand with the state and other federal agencies on water, fisheries and wildlife strategies.