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  • MAFAC Seafood Certification Recommendations

    Mar 18: In mid-2012, NOAA Fisheries asked MAFAC to explore the creation of a NOAA certification mark or other acknowledgement that could certify sustainability of domestic wild-caught and aquaculture fishery products.

  • Our Year in Review: Top 13 Stories from 2013

    Dec. 17: It has been an exciting year at NOAA Fisheries. As we look forward to 2014, take a look back at our thirteen most popular stories from 2013.

  • Marine Aquaculture: A Promising Future

    Nov 7: Marine aquaculture creates new opportunities for commercial fishermen who are beginning to look to aquaculture as a complement to their fishing activities.

  • Feeds of the Future

    Nov 5: Learn how researchers from NOAA Fisheries and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are developing plant-based feeds with the right balance of proteins to replace fishmeal in aquaculture operations.

  • 10 Myths about Marine Aquaculture

    Nov 5: Do you know aquaculture fact from fiction? We dispel some common myths about marine aquaculture.

  • Science Confirms Swordfish Abundance

    Oct 31: A new 2013 international stock assessment confirms North Atlantic swordfish remains sustainable; resulting in a higher catch levels in U.S. waters.

  • Get to Know Your Seafood From Ocean to Plate

    Oct 29: Get to know your seafood from ocean to plate. Our video explores the journey your seafood makes to get to your plate.

  • The Great American Surfclam

    Oct 28: Surfclams support a multimillion-dollar fishery along the East Coast and are the most important commercial clam species harvested in our waters. Find out what makes the surfclam fishery a model of sustainability.

  • Efforts to Support and Streamline Seafood Trade

    Oct 28: NOAA Fisheries’ National Seafood Inspection Laboratory (NSIL) in Pascagoula, Mississippi, plays a critical role in streamlining seafood trade in and out of the United States. Find out how NOAA Fisheries supports seafood trade.

  • The Case of the Giant Oarfish

    Oct 24: Listen to this fascinating interview with Dr. Russ Vetter, one of the NOAA biologists who necropsied the giant oarfish that washed up last week in California.

  • Dig In—National Seafood Month

    Oct 23: We're shining a national spotlight on the important role the seafood supply chain plays from the coast to the heartland and back again. In the U.S., sustainability is our standard, which makes us a global model.

  • Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources

    Oct 21: An essential part of our U.S. sustainable fisheries management approach is ensuring that commercial fishermen are knowledgeable of catch regulations and requirements, and that they are in compliance with these laws.