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  • #AquaScience Chat on Twitter with Dr. Mike Rust

    Oct 15: What are you wondering about marine aquaculture? Ask NOAA Aquaculture Science Coordinator Dr. Mike Rust your questions on Twitter next Thursday, October 23 from 2-3pm EST. Remember to tag questions with #aquascience.

  • Growing Mussels in the Open Ocean

    Oct 14: The first shellfish aquaculture project permitted in federal waters off the U.S. east coast is expected to begin operating next spring. Scientists and fishermen are working to grow blue mussels within a 30-acre area in Nantucket Sound.

  • An End to Overfishing

    Oct 14: An interview with Sam Rauch, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs at NOAA Fisheries.

  • Feast Your Eyes on Our Seafood Videos

    Oct 6: Watch this collection of seafood videos to celebrate National Seafood Month with NOAA Fisheries.

  • Dig Into Our Seafood Story Collection

    Oct 6: Dig into our seafood story collection to learn more about NOAA's role in sustainable seafood, science, and stewardship.

  • Celebrating Seafood, Sustainability, Stewardship

    Oct 1: Assistant Administrator, Eileen Sobeck, discusses national seafood month and why fall is a celebration of seafood, sustainability, and stewardship.

  • Healthy Habitat: Key to U.S. Seafood and Fisheries

    Jul 15: Watch this short video to learn more about the important role healthy habitat serves as the foundation of America’s seafood and fisheries and what NOAA is doing to conserve habitat to rebuild fisheries.

  • Seafood Fraud—Detection and Prevention

    Learn how NOAA's Seafood Inspection Program works to help ensure that the seafood you buy is what the seller claims it is. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

  • The Bycatch You Can’t See

    Jul 28: Researchers tackle unseen crab mortality in Alaskan groundfish fisheries, win best paper award.

  • Today's Fresh Catch—Invasive Snakehead

    Jul 7: Learn more about one aquatic invasive species—northern snakehead—and how two fishermen are leading a grassroots movement to control the spread of this species.

  • MAFAC Seafood Certification Recommendations

    Mar 18: In mid-2012, NOAA Fisheries asked MAFAC to explore the creation of a NOAA certification mark or other acknowledgement that could certify sustainability of domestic wild-caught and aquaculture fishery products.

  • Our Year in Review: Top 13 Stories from 2013

    Dec. 17: It has been an exciting year at NOAA Fisheries. As we look forward to 2014, take a look back at our thirteen most popular stories from 2013.