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  • The Bycatch You Can’t See

    Jul 28: Researchers tackle unseen crab mortality in Alaskan groundfish fisheries, win best paper award.

  • Climate Data Reflects Trends of a Warming Planet

    Jul 17: According to the State of the Climate in 2013 report, the vast majority of worldwide climate indicators—greenhouse gases, sea levels, global temperatures—continued to reflect trends of a warmer planet.

  • How to get DNA from a Dolphin

    Jul 9: A scientist at the NOAA Fisheries National Systematics Lab studies dolphins by analyzing their DNA. But first, she has to get their DNA.

  • Changes in Forage Fish Affect Atlantic Cod

    Jun 26: A new study shows that changes in forage fish abundance alter Atlantic cod distribution and affect success of the fishery.

  • Special Report: Southern Resident Killer Whales

    Jun 25: Today, NOAA Fisheries released a report highlighting the accomplishments of 10 years of dedicated research and conservation of the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population.

  • The Future of Stock Assessments

    Jun 23: In our never-ending quest to improve our knowledge of fisheries, we’re constantly looking for ways to build upon our solid scientific foundation of counting fish and providing operational information to decision-makers.

  • Underwater Robots Search for Sea Turtles

    Jun 19: Scientists test out a new tool for keeping track of endangered populations of sea turtles: submersible robots with side-scan sonar.

  • Celebrate Sea Turtle Week 2014

    Jun 16: Celebrate Sea Turtle Week 2014 with us and learn more about the six sea turtle species found in U.S. waters.

  • Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2014

    Jun 10: Watch our new video to learn how NOAA puts actionable environmental information into the hands of people who need it.

  • Salmon Restoration: Big Data from a Small Device

    May 16: One of the biggest tools in salmon restoration is about the size of a grain of rice.

  • NOAA Reports Show Strong Continued Improvements

    Apr 29: Two new NOAA reports show strong economic gains from fishing and continued improvement in fish stocks.

  • NOAA Commissions Survey Vessel Reuben Lasker

    Apr 29: NOAA Fisheries’ new fishery survey vessel Reuben Lasker is 208-feet long, glides through the ocean as silent as a gray whale, and counts schools of fish with the speed of sound. It will be placed in active service on May 2, 2014.

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